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About Us

About Us
Who is behind TTS Exotics? A couple of exotic/muscle car enthusiasts (and a mini fan) – Tim and Stephanie Mikulecky and their young son Timmy. After 10 years of running their own lighting business and serving over 350 clients they have gained the experience necessary to know how to operate a service business. In TTS Exotics they are combining their entrepreneurial skills and their passion for exotic and muscle cars to offer this unique and exciting membership to a select clientele.

Tim and Stephanie relocated to California from Chicago, IL, and Coos Bay, OR, in the early 90’s. In addition to starting a lighting business, Tim has worked as a stuntman in film and television since 1995. Their love of exotic and muscle cars started in 2005 with the purchase of their Ford GT.

Watching their friends enjoy the experience of being in such an exotic vehicle, led them brainstorming about how to make these amazing vehicles more affordable and accessible to a broader base of people. Enjoying an exotic/muscle car shouldn’t be something only for the very rich – and it was that thinking that brought them to the concept of a timeshare for exotic/muscle car enthusiasts.

Tim and Stephanie are real people that understand the value of the dollar and what it takes to put together a successful business. They are not about catering to the masses but would rather provide a high quality service and amazing customer service to a limited number of customers that appreciate and crave a taste of the exotic lifestyle.