TTS Exotics

Luxury cars memberships

TTS Exotics is an exclusive car club for up to 25 men and women who are either complete car enthusiasts or just have the desire to drive the finest automobiles made. Our goal is to give our members the lifestyle of automobiles they want without all the hassles of owning these prestige vehicles.

TTS EXOTICS - Membership Programs

PLATINUM - Single client program
  • Group 1 or next best status
  • 40 days of membership
  • One upfront payment
  • Savings of $2,000
GOLD - Single client program
  • 40 days of membership
  • 2 scheduled payments
  • payments due, months 1,5
SILVER - Buddy program for Two
  • 40 days of membership, 50/50
  • one upfront payment

Motion Picture Rental Information

We also provide all of your motion picture rental needs

  • All cars in our inventory are available for production rentals
  • We provide storage for your collector vehicle

The average mint muscle car costs $50,000. 10% down on a vehicle of this nature would be $5000 with an additional $6000 in taxes, licensing and registration. This would then leave the buyer with an $800 monthly payment for a 72month term. These are only the upfront costs and do not include scheduled maintenance fees.

Total out of pocket fees/payments for the 1st year of owning a mint muscle car would be roughly $22,100 (which includes $1500 for insurance). TTS exotics can give our members more variety of exotics and muscle cars for a more affordable price per year.

How can we do this?

By choosing our clients carefully, and making sure they understand the TTS Code (membership guidelines). For example: What keeps a member from beating on a vehicle? "The Code" does. Do unto others… if the car is returned with ABNORMAL wear and tear, penalties could be enforced. Our Code reminds members to not ruin the experience for others or themselves by causing a vehicle to have to spend days in the shop for repairs. Basic common sense to some – but for us it is part of the membership agreement and part of the TTS Code which all members agree to from the start.

Some Membership Specifics

TTS will deliver and pickup a vehicle at no cost within 20 miles of the storage location. Every car will be detailed and have a full tank of gas prior to delivery. Each member will be allowed 100 miles per day with a $2 charge for each additional mile.


Sure it's a blast driving the highways of California but wouldn't it be more fun having a buddy close behind, following you in another muscle car? We will offer full memberships for two individuals/families to split/share. This will allow the cost to be split in half and allow our clients to enjoy the experience of the exotic vehicle lifestyle with their friends and/or family. Imagine two couples driving up to wine country for the weekend, or heading into Vegas, or just going out on the town for dinner and dance.(mileage & time would be shared of course)

A fully refundable 10% deposit is due at signing.
A background check, in driving, credit and automobile insurance will be conducted. Once membership is granted, balance is due along with a 10% security deposit for possible damages.