TTS Exotics

The overview


TTS Exotics offers memberships for a very limited number of exotic and Muscle car lovers. We understand the desire to live and play like the stars – but we also understand the practical side of life and have come up with a way for you to have it both ways!

Why a Timeshare Membership vs Ownership?

  • Cost
  • Use
  • Variety

Let's face it – not many of us really have $50,000-$150,000 to spend on an exotic or muscle car. In addition to the purchase price, you also need to factor in the maintenance costs, the insurance costs and storage considerations.

Beyond cost – the pressure to use the car enough to justify the price paid to acquire it is just too much. Yet, when you think about driving your 3 year old to pre-school everyday in a Ferrari or an AC Cobra– it just isn't practical. Exotics and Muscle cars are better used for special occasions or adult weekends to recharge your personal batteries.

A membership can also be used as a vital work tool (Tax Right Off). Taking a client out to dinner in his/her dream car could help seal the deal on your next professional endeavor. Taking the cars to local shows and rallies will open the doors in meeting a wide variety of people in all sorts of professions. You never know who you will meet, from your next boss, to a potential employee or even the perfect business partner. Either way, the doors remain wide open!

Driving an exotic or muscle car is fun and exciting – but being able to choose which one you want to take to Palm Springs for the weekend is even better. TTS Exotics let's you choose between 5 different cars – depending on the occasion or your mood.