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hollywood stuntmen road rally challenge

Come join us for the inaugural Hollywood Stuntmen's Road Rally Challenge!
Coming soon
For More Information Contact: 818.813.4222

$395 entry fee (per person) which includes the following:
  • Lodging at Warner Springs Ranch (double occupancy)
  • Dinner Saturday night at Warner Springs Ranch (alcohol not included)
  • $50 gambling chip towards the Gambling Challenge
  • The 9 hole, 3 clubs only, Golfing Challenge
  • Breakfast Sunday morning
  • Awards Luncheon (alcohol not included)
Road Rally
Two routes: One long route; One even longer route

Routes will be given to teams randomly via envelope to prevent strategizing ahead of time. They are along local mountain roads (not a course) and have already been mapped out. Teams will use their own vehicles for this challenge.

Points are awarded to the team with the best set average time per hour. Speeding isn't condoned, so average route times are based on the posted speed limits.

Photo Contest (win extra points!): Just for fun, directions and clues will be given for designated spots along the route, i.e. "stop at mile marker 27, look to your left there is an old mine there, have one of your teammates pose next to it" and so on. Extra points will be awarded to the best photos.

Gambling Challenge
(Saturday Night)
Take your $50 in chips and see how much you can make for our charity!

To kick off this event, HSRRC has donated $6,000!

Now it's your turn…each team is given $100 in gambling chips ($50 per person per team). Teams will have an hour and a half to gamble with that money at any game in the casino. Gamble separately or one person can represent the team.

Teams earn one point for every dollar above and beyond the initial $100 they were given. For example: $175 earns 75 points in favor of that team. $25 dollars results in minus 75 points. The hope is that teams will win above and beyond the $6,000 donated by HSRRC since all of the money goes towards the charity.

Don't lose our money!
It's for charity, so...
be conservative and win.

Golf Challenge
Best Ball - 9 hole - Twosomes vs. Twosomes challenge.

Two teams face off against each other at the tee box.

Example: If two people are on a team, the ball that went the furthest is determined for each shot (i.e. best ball). The person who had the worst ball gets to pick up their ball and place it next to the best ball. Then the opposing team goes, following the same pattern.

The team with the lowest score at the end of the 9 holes wins!


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